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  • The Paper Girls is a wholesale company. If you are interested in becoming an authorized dealer, fill out an application to peddle The Paper Girls products for profit by clicking on the "register" button on the left side of the website's home page.   We would love to include you on our paper route! 
  • Custom printing is available through The Paper Girls website for an additional $.20 per invitation.  Please check the custom printing button on the product page and tell us what you would like to say.  We'll peddle a proof your way within 24 hours and, once approved by you, we'll head to the printing press.
  • We can print return addresses on your envelopes for an additional $0.15 per envelope.  If you would like to send us your list and have us print both the return and your lucky guest's address, that will set you back $0.30 per envelope for the guest's address for a total of $0.45 per envelope.
  • If you are not an authorized dealer, but would like to place an order, you will find stores that peddle The Paper Girls by calling us or ask your favorite store to order The Paper Girls. 
  • Postage rates vary; always check with the U.S. Postmaster before mailing.
  • Our papers are all laser and ink jet compatible.
  • Each computer monitor interprets color differently and there is sometimes a slight color variation between thepapergirls.com website vs. the actual product.  When in doubt, contact us and we'll mail a sample to you.